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December 22, 2006

Tearlach Resources Ltd. ( , TSX.V : Symbol: TEA) has acquired a 60% working interest in a portion of the Kern Front Oil field (8 Leases with a total of 1,148 acres of oil producing properties) which is owned by Western States International, Inc. (, located about 11 miles north of Bakersfield in Kern County, California. The field development and oil recovery operations are managed and operated by United Pacific Energy Corporation (“UPEC”) (

Kern County is producing an average of 577,000 barrels of oil per day, which makes it the fourth largest producer of oil in the United States.

Texas 1,620,000 barrels of oil per day
Alaska 1,380,000 barrels of oil per day
Louisiana 1,250,000 barrels of oil per day
California (Kern County) 577,000 barrels of oil per day
California (Remaining) 366,000 barrels of oil per day
Oklahoma 233,000 barrels of oil per day
Wyoming 204,000 barrels of oil per day

Based on total production through the year of 2000, the Kern Front Oil Field ranked as the 10th largest producer of oil in the state of California. The portion of Kern Front Oil Field which is owned by the joint-venture of WSIUS and Tearlach underwent development starting only in 1976. Approximately one-half of the total acreage has been developed.

“The Kern Front Oil Field was discovered in 1912, and is in its secondary phase of production (California Division Oil and Gas, 1965). The gross pay interval is approximately 800 ft. thick. Cumulative production to date is estimated to be 212 Million Barrels of Oil with 500 Million Barrels of Oil remaining in place. Initial well production ranges from 20 to 60 Barrel of Oil per Day with the average well in the lease areas producing 1 to 10 Barrel of Oil per Day (Kujawa, 1981). After cyclic steam stimulation, 50 to 300 Barrel of Oil per Day production is common for a well in the Chanac and Etchegoin horizons. The biodegraded character of the heavy oil (14-15◦ API) and the relatively shallow depth (approximately 1800 ft) make the Kern Front oil field a potential area for steam-drive production” (Link et al. 1986; Long, 1986) and other Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology.

Western States International, Inc. acquired the leases in the Kern Front Field from 2003 to 2005. These leases have not been in production since 1998. The previous operator discontinued operations within the field for matters unrelated to oil production. Starting from mid-2003 the oil leases underwent a development with the most advanced technology applied by UPEC and the first oil was sold December 11, 2006.

The operator, UPEC, which also specializes in Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations, has advised the Company that 63 wells (out of 201 wells) will be put back to production by the end of 2007.

A testing program is ongoing to determine optimal producing rates. During this production testing period, the operator will also be trying out several new technologies to estimate productions.

In the past, this area of the Kern Front Field produced a maximum rate of 6,203 barrels of oil per day from 186 wells. This is the target rate of the joint venture using enhanced oil recovery technology.

This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are not historical facts and are subject to risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results and the timing of certain events to differ materially from those set forth in or implied herein including, without limitation, risks associated with oil and gas exploration, development and production operations and other risks, uncertainties and other factors that are beyondthe control of the Company.

The TSX Venture Exchange has neither approved nor disapproved of the information contained herein.


“Charles Ross”
CFO and Director

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